World Conference on Oral Laser Application

Sponsored by Society for Oral Laser Application

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World Congress on Oral Laser Applications from 21st to 23rd Sept 2012 at Hotel Hilton-New Delhi.


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21st, 22nd, 23rd September 2012


1st National Conference on Laser Application:
  • Date:-2006
  • Venue:-Mumbai
  • The Event :

Dr. Franziska Beer and Dr. Moritz along with their team of SOLA International obliged the participants by their presence at Mumbai. This being the 1st National Conference on Laser Applications, they drew our attention towards the emerging importance of the use of lasers in dentistry. They took us on the journey of lasers from the use of Ruby Laser in Otolaryngology to its present day clinical use. Henceforth they planted seeds of curiosity in the budding Dentists to evolve their knowledge of the scope of work and its limitations.

Dr. Naresh Thukral emphasized on need for proper laser training and the basic understanding to use lasers of various wavelength and their specific applications.

2nd national conference on laser application:
  • Date:- 9-10th Feb. 2008
  • Venue:- Bangalore
  • The Event:

Dr. Anil Shah in his Presidential address urged the principals of various colleges to implement laser related studies and impart laser education at undergrduate level.

Dr. Naresh Thukral focused mainly on explaining the characteristics and mechanism of a Laser light and differentiated between the characteristics of different types of Lasers used in clinical dentistry.

The scientific sessions were laced with experienced national and international speakers and blended with more 15 free papers from colleagues all over the country we were pleased to know the amount of laser treatment being conducted clinically and scope it in future.

3rd national Conference:
  • Date:18th to 20th September,2008
  • Venue:- Ahmedabad
  • The Event:

Striving to disseminate the knowledge of the Applications of Lasers in Dentistry and peri oral region, the team of SOLA India compiled a book “A Clinical Guide on Oral Laser Applications”. Mr. Jaynarayan Vyas, honorable minister, health and family welfare, government of Gujarat, inaugurated the book. He was very much impressed with the scope of Laser in Dentistry. Hence, in his inaugural speech he emphasized upon incorporating Laser education and training in 2 Govt. Dental colleges and 24 public health centres across State of Gujarat.

Dr. Naresh Thukral focused mainly on explaining the characteristics and mechanism of a Laser light and differentiated between the characteristics of different types of Lasers used in clinical dentistry.

Dr. Mohan Vakade highlighted the advantages of Lasers in day to day practice mainly the bloodless and painless dental procedures which can be performed with various lasers. Padmabhushan (Brig)Dr. Anil Kohli, President Dental Council of India emphasized the need to introduce Lasers in Dental curriculum in Dental colleges across India.

The conference saw 6 international speakers and 10 national speakers sharing their experiences on Laser Applications in clinical Dentistry.

4th National Conference:
  • Date:2009
  • Venue: Pune
  • The Event:

Dr. Sanjay Jain in his lecture explained how Lasers can be extensively used to eradicate gum diseases which are one of the major cause for tooth loss.

Dr. Vivek Hegde explained how they can be also applied in cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening and cavity preparations along with endodontics treatment.

Dr. Kresimir Simunovic discussed the use of Lasers in periodontology and drew our attention towards the effect of the Laser parameter on the clinical result along with the comparative consideration of different types of lasers.

Dr. Dhirawani explained how lasers can be used for treatment of sleep-apnia and other surgical procedures.

5th Conference on Laser Application:
  • Date:-21 to 23rd September 2012
  • Venue:-Delhi
  • The Event:

After successfully organizing these 4 national conferences, the response of the delegates suggested the enthusiasm of Lasers throughout the nation. This attitude encouraged our desire to host a World Conference on Oral Laser Applications in New Delhi in association with SOLA International.

We anticipate all of you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn the recent advances in Laser Dentistry from renowned speakers all over the world.