• Membership details

    Active Member: Rs. 9000/

    Overseas Member : €300 /-

    Active Members shall be those who shall play an important role in hosting society events, shall get voting rights and chance to get Diploma in Dental LASER from University of Vienna conducted in India by the Society (Details shall be conveyed) and be eligible to appear for Masters Degree Certificate at Vienna. Membership is open for all dentists of SAARC countries and other specialities who use Lasers in perioral region.

    Highlights & Benefits for Active Members

    • Professional growth enhancement-Practical knowledge directly improving your practice.Significantly lower member registration rates for the Society’s annual conferences, at National & Internationals Level featuring:
      • Clinical & scientific sessions encompassing virtually all dental laser wavelengths.
      • Manufacturer and vendor exhibitions.
    • FREE access to the Society’s LASER Library.FREE subscription to the Society’s quarterly publication, featuring scientific articles and clinical case studies, developments in LASER dentistry, upcoming LASER events and Society news.

    Institutional & Corporate Member : Rs. 25000/-

    — Applies to any institution whose sole purpose or primary activities are academic teaching or dental research. A designated primary representative will have full voting rights. Full-time staff are eligible for elected office . Institutions may designate up to two representatives.

    — Includes any for-profit or division that develops or sells dental equipments, supplies or services or seeks information, affiliation or interaction with the LASER dentistry community. Companies may designate up to two representative to receive Society mailings. Corporate members are non-voting.

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      Contact Details

      Dr. Naresh Thukral
      founder president
      Mob:+91 98230 67396
      Dr. Anil shah
      Mob:+91 99133 67671
      Dr. Vivek Hegde
      Mob:+91 98230 67396
      Dr. Rajesh Dhirawani
      Founder Member
      Mob: +91 98261 33255
      Dr. Nilesh patel
      Vice President
      Mob: +91 92279 78414
      Email: patelsola@yahoo.com
      Dr. Sameer K. Jadhav
      Associate Editor & Academic Co-ordinator
      Mob: +91 9422319302
      Email: dr.jadhavsameer@gmail.com

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